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Binomo Review 2022

Binomo Review 2022
The financial market is flourishing with young traders investing in financial markets. The change in the market scenario is also bringing in technological advancement.
Several brokers are coming up to support traders and offer the best trading services. Binomo is one of the brokers providing the best trading features and tools. To learn more about the broker, we have a brief Binomo review.
The review will guide traders to understand brokers and how it works to serve traders online.
What is Binomo?
Binomo is an Indian broker offering its trading services. It is a legitimate trading platform with proper regulations and security for traders.
The broker caters to more than 113 countries.
However, it is prevalent in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Turkey.
The exchange was introduced in 2014 under the ownership of the Dolphin corporation. The platform has more than 9 lakh active traders and 30,000,000 successful weekly trades.

Is Binomo safe?

Binomo is a safe trading platform with the International Financial Commission (IFC) regulation. The authority looks after its trading services and ensures a secure trading environment.
Thousands of traders use the platform for advanced trading services. Also, the broker is categorising as A member of the regulatory body. Therefore, the broker works according to industry standards to offer the best possible trading.
In addition, client risks come under the insurance of Binomo of $20,000 to protect in disputes.

How to start trading at Binomo?

Traders can easily register and be a user of Binomo broker services. Here we have the process of how they can trade with the trading platform:


The first step to begin investing with Binomo is by getting registration. Traders can register easily with Binomo. By providing basic details such as name, number, address, email id, and payment method, traders can register on the platform.
Next, they must get the broker's validation to access the platform.

Demo Trading

Binomo also provides traders with the feature of actual and reel trading. In addition, traders can use a demo account to practise trading with virtual funds.
They can experience real market investments and use strategies, tools, and other facilities.
The broker offers $1000 as a virtual currency to invest in assets. Thus, an excellent way to learn to trade for beginners in the market.
Traders learn without actual investment and are familiar with the financial world.

Real-Time Trading

Binomo is a straightforward and less expensive platform. Traders can begin trading with a minimum deposit of $10. In addition, it allows traders to place orders at $1. Traders can select the asset and use market trends, indicators, and tools to analyse the market.
Next, they can open their position and keep analysing to find the best opportunities.


Like deposits, the withdrawals at Binomo are simple. Therefore, traders can make quick and easy withdrawals. However, the platform requires traders to cross a specific limit of trades to free withdrawals.
A trader having below-the-limit withdrawals pays 10% fees. Also, it requires the information in support of the account to be proper and complete. Traders with incomplete and wrong information cannot access deposits and withdrawals.
The broker provides the withdrawal amount within three working days from the withdrawal request.
The payment method that traders can use are:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Jeton

Binomo Trading App

Binomo is gaining popularity with time which calls for having a trading app to make access easy. Traders can download and install the app on their mobile devices to trade anytime and anywhere.
The platform works for iOS and Android mobile devices. Traders can get notifications and alerts and monitor trade with the app. Also, they can perform several other advanced features.


Binomo review is a short introduction to the trading platform. It gives brief details on the broker's history and is safe for traders. Besides, traders can know how they can begin trading with Binomo.
Simple registration to open an account and deposit funds. Traders get to trade in the market. Also, they can use a demo account to practise and a trading app to trade anywhere.
Overall a complete package for traders to get support from the broker and invest easily.
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Fresh refurb at the pub I work at and someone decided to write a review of the paint job.

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I've been wanting to start stacking, but I struggle with the idea of taking a hit on premiums the minute I buy something. After lots of deliberation, I decided to use what is on hand so....rolled $522 in coins I had in a big piggy bank and about $150 in random FOREX. First two bars ORDERED!

I've been wanting to start stacking, but I struggle with the idea of taking a hit on premiums the minute I buy something. After lots of deliberation, I decided to use what is on hand so....rolled $522 in coins I had in a big piggy bank and about $150 in random FOREX. First two bars ORDERED! submitted by areafiveone to Silverbugs [link] [comments]

My simple 3 bar Gold strat that netted me 28k 🚀🚀 Forex (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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I bought this 1927 Hotel / Restaurant / Bar in Northern California for $40k. Last open in 2007, it's going to be about $2MM to renovate. Just the demo with asbestos and lead paint is bid at $250k - gulp! Should I do it?

I bought this 1927 Hotel / Restaurant / Bar in Northern California for $40k. Last open in 2007, it's going to be about $2MM to renovate. Just the demo with asbestos and lead paint is bid at $250k - gulp! Should I do it? submitted by Professional_Flan466 to centuryhomes [link] [comments]

Tiki decor question: Incorporating a brick fireplace into a basement tiki bar. To paint or not to paint?

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Scam Warning -Turbo Review: Forex trading bot securities fraud (Canary Islands - Faber, Merino, Brito) Interpol has details and offering reward. - UNREGISTERD - Beware. Aliases also used all including the word "Turbo".

Scam Warning -Turbo Review: Forex trading bot securities fraud (Canary Islands - Faber, Merino, Brito) Interpol has details and offering reward. - UNREGISTERD - Beware. Aliases also used all including the word submitted by AlmostThereKids to Scamorama [link] [comments]

Any your Review ELM EA Forex Trading Robot?

If you're thinking about purchasing the ELM EA forex robot, then you'll want to read this review first.
I'll share my opinion on the pros and cons of this software, as well as my overall experience with it. First, let's start with the pros. The ELM EA is easy to install and set up, even for someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy. It also comes with a user manual and video tutorial, so you can be sure that you're using it correctly. I've found that it's a reliable software, and it has definitely helped me to make some profitable trades during 2 months.
Now for the cons
One downside of the ELM EA is that it doesn't work with every broker. So if you're using a less popular broker, you may not be able to use this software. The ELM EA MT5 PRO version works much better than MT4. Not all brokers provide MT5.Additionally, the customer support isn't always responsive, so if you run into any problems, you may be on your own.
Overall, I would say that the ELM EA is a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-use forex robot that can help them make profitable trades. Just be aware of the potential downsides before making your purchase.
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FOREX REVIEW: The Trading Floor

This is a subscription based course from Arty from the you-tube channel the moving average.
Not gonna lie even though the monthly price is super cheap they really do provide a ton of value for what they offer so they are definitely under valuing there subscription.
But what I really love about them is the support and community, they really do try and help out as much as possible.
so if anyone was thinking of joining id say it is well worth it.
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Delberts transformation. Paint job in the works, rebuilt ac , new radiator, fuel injectors, fuel pump and filter, suspension taillight assembly, track bar, Bluetooth stereo, new plugs , wires ignition coils and control module. Found the last hubcap, and so much more…roast the new and improved ride!

Delberts transformation. Paint job in the works, rebuilt ac , new radiator, fuel injectors, fuel pump and filter, suspension taillight assembly, track bar, Bluetooth stereo, new plugs , wires ignition coils and control module. Found the last hubcap, and so much more…roast the new and improved ride! submitted by Purchase-Gullible to RoastMyCar [link] [comments]

Tower of fantasy global 100th day (+7) review. A no holds barred, unbiased review from someone who no lifed the game. [long post]

Tower of fantasy is an action MMO - ARPG gacha made for mobile and pc that was first released in china under Hotta games (a subsidary of perfect world, which many of you are familiar with) and was released globally in collaboration with level infinite and tencent.
Greetings everyone and welcome to my ted talk. a disclaimer before we proceed: DISCLAIMER:
And with that out of the way, time for the review.
This review will compromise of 3 different segments:
  1. Gameplay: This will include major gameplay mechanics, how the game fares mechanically during combat, exploration and in-general game content. This will also include the pros and cons of the game in this sense.
  2. Gacha: hoo boy. This will include every possible in-game mechanic that fares with luck and rng, its currencies and the pros and cons of it be it rolling for characters, rolling for gear, rolling for in-game items in shops etc.
  3. Verdict : This will dwell on my personal verdict of the game and the general consensus on how the game is faring outside of this sub and as a whole. This will include the TLDR so if you dont want to read the entire things please skip to 3. (ctrl + F = TL:DR) ( for mobile just scroll or press to comments then scroll up)


the weapons, attack and skills are, and will make you feel like a badass motherfucker.
lets start with the pros first. There is no denying that right from the very start one of the main aspects of this game is how fleshed out their idea is in regards to combat. Borrowing multiple mechanics from many games to create weapon attack systems that are actually in-depth and good at surface level.
You can create your own combos and rotations with your 3 weapon slots with the multiple attacks from light attacks to charged heavy attacks, aerials and skills which truth to be told is one of the best looking attack and skill animations in a vast plethora of games that i have played.Landing an attack string, comboing it with a skill then finishing it off to another weapons burst feels so satisfying and honestly makes you feel so badass in doing so.
It has multiple complicated levels on its attacks and damage and when all done correctly will make you do big PP numbers even as an F2p. It feels nice as you experiment on multiple weapons what would be the best way possible for you to dish out damage to destroy your challenges and this becomes more important as you progress to more difficult content where time is of the essence.
weapon upkeep and energy maintenance makes you more engaged in combat
as compared to most mmos of the same calibre (such as pso2: NGS) your skills are given to you freely to use and your burst is on a mostly 3-10 minute cooldown. The way the system works here is the more you attack with energy efficient weapons the more energy you gain and the more you can fire off bursts to do big damage. This is not a game where you just stand attack or do combo strings while the enemy just looks at you like youre an insect in its path and you just fire off your burst every 5 mins. Some enemies will be faster than you, stronger than you and you have to kill them first before they kill you.
this game promotes aggression and rewards you with it. Baiting attacks and skills FROM the enemy to do an evade to trigger PHANTASIA (think of nier automata time stop mechanic) which slow or stops enemy movement and refills your weapon burst energy to dish out more damage.
the relic system is one of the most useful things in the game
relics are items you get by doing dungeons, world bosses and quests and are essentially attack or defensive accessories you can equip 6 at a time. in most games these types of items are more of a "get and forget item" which will just gather dust in your inventory forever because they dont have any use aside from a niche obstacle or a quest.
relics in this game give you damage percentage buffs which also protect you from a fatal attack and with the power of pre-casting can accompany you to attack independently in battle such as summoning a clone, floating lasers or a drone that not only buffs your attack by 25% but also your defense. utilizing these relics and knowing when to use them can sometimes lead to clutch and awesome moments such as raising a wall to protect you and your teamates from sudden death.
the relic system also includes your glider and grappling hook, which makes exploration infinitely more simple and easy.
CONS: aside from the usual "weightless" and "souless" complaints heres more.
As you progress through the game, the more tedious combat becomes
This is not a unique thing in ToF. We see this all the time especially in mmos where difficulty spikes happen but boy does ToF do it so harsh. Theres no denying that mmos are about DPS. This is not a casual game first and foremost. And with difficulty spikes becoming more and more common the more you will be dependent on a thing people call the META.
You start off demolishing everything with the weapons you get and the weapons you roll for until a certain point in the game where you have to depend on multiple people to finish a dungeon or a boss. Its fun until you realize that not everyone is as lucky as you on getting gear and people will do half your damage or no damage at all which brings us to our next query.
Your luck determines your specification in this game
This is one of the biggest reasons alot of people have quit the game or is locked in a place they dont like to be in. You start off getting a ton of currency to roll (which we call the honeymoon phase, more on that later on the gacha side of the review) and your luck determines if youll be in the 3 different specifications in the game: DPS/ TANK / HEALER. This is an MMO afterall but this system is so old and so overused and makes individual progression bad in this game.
if your luck determines that you only roll tank weapons (which was my experience) or only healer (such as my friend) then you have to work double time to explore and get more currency to roll to get out of those roles for your PERSONAL progression due to the game having solo content that has ESSENTIAL rewards.
Ill talk about my personal experience when i started. I rolled on the weapon banner and eventually hit pity and got my first SSR which was meryl, a tank weapon. After exploring again for a bit and hit pity again i got my 2nd SSr which was huma, another tank weapon. at that point i had the choice to get a dps weapon from my free SSR box but i instead chose a healer weapon as i liked tanking and self sustain. This was a massive mistake.
2 weapons of the same type determines your resonance be it DPS/TANK/healebalanced. each resonance has its own buff dps = offensive, tank = defensive and shield breaking etc etc. my choice of not getting a dps weapon because of personal taste and not doing any research on the game cost me weeks of personal progress because it was difficult to do solo content due to not having enough dps, hence you will be delayed. getting punished for not having information early on in an MMO where theres basically no info aside from youtube videos for the cn server this harshly is something that turned off alot of players.
Elemental resistance and immunity on entire dungeons and bosses only available for certain times of the week just promotes you to roll more. So not only are you praying to get dps weapons, youre also praying to get multiple elements. Because if youre locked into one element then your gonna do -50-65% damage 4-7 days a week in essential dungeons where you get gear and in solo content that has essential rewards (wormhole). which for alot of people is a massive turn off.
combat progressively becomes tailored around SSRs
long story short your SRs are just placeholders. No matter how many stars they have they will never amount to the power of your SSRs which removes variety and gimps you if youre unlucky enough to have none. In fact SR's dont amount to anything. And 9 months (CN) in they have never released another SR weapon. Which will make you highly dependant on limited banners.
Its a very unpolished and buggy mess.
You can say this for most of the game but weapon bursts getting cancelled out of nowhere, massive delay after bursts and attack strings just stopping. Enemy hitboxes are either here, there or non existent and some of their attacks will put you under the floor. I frames donot exist whether its on your burst or evading (except on certain skills), because the game isnt meant for iframes but more on triggering phantasia.
Enemy Ai gets bugged where they just stand around and do nothing or reset when they overreach because the person who has agro got off the platform. A certain boss moves on downed state because a weapon doesnt overlap on its hitbox but overrides it. a certain weapon burst can kill an entire team due to how its barrier works for enemies, AND YOUR TEAMATES. Blatant copy pasting of enemies in ALL content. that boss you fought in the overworld? is also the boss in a solo dungeon, is also the boss in a team dungeon, is also the boss in the repeating solo dungeon and is also the boss on the weekly team dungeon.
solo content meant to test your skill are hardcapped by enemies that are the same enemies you fight in the overworld but have 100X more hp and the only way to get through them is to repeat the same instance 600 times and get lucky with crits, or wait for the next level cap which is as of writing, every 9 days or whale to get more damage. Enemy shields, although cool, are meant to waste your time in almost all content to make the fight more tedious and their movesets are all designed to waste time and stamina like no thought was put into it (frost bot, sweetie, bike guy, etc). is it fun? yes. is it still fun if all this still happens and is still a problem after 3 months? no.
i wont go into pros and cons on this one and just put it on a few paragraphs.
The game is no doubt beautiful for its lore. Its a barren desolate wasteland due to the events of the story and people are slowly surviving with what they have. But thats what it is. Its barren. Its not memorable to a degree and the only real reason youre out there is to get currency to roll on the weapons.
Thats why mounts exist in this game. The world is big but it gives you all the options to skip exploring 90% of it because theres nothing in it. The world quests are tedious messes that give no rewards worth doing for and bad writing. There are no points of interest that are memorable. solo dungeons are one time only and everything else can be accessed in a tab in your UI.
The world has the size of an ocean but the depth of a puddle. Vera, the 2.0 update and new map fixed that a bit by adding verticality and an alternate mode on the map which made it more fun and introduced mechanics that are i admit fun to do like respawing mini bosses and the quicksand. But honestly its all just tedious and something you wont go back to again after youre done getting the chests. Its beautiful but only really exists to be a platform for rewards, not discovery, lore, or just getting lost on it.


this is a gacha game after all so lets dive into that.
this has the best and worst gacha in the genre. period.
things that are gacha:
and a ton more! so lets start.
There are always 5 banners active. these are:
With that out of the way this is one of the best gachas designed for weapons due to the fact of the abundance in rolls you can get for the standard banner. this allows you to gather the much needed ssrs (there are 9 standard characters) to build your team while saving the rest for limited banners (red). this system makes sure that you have enough rolls to build a team even if you dont get any SSRs off pity.
a guaranteed SSR per 80 rolls and a copy of it on the store at 120. gold currency is abundant with a whopping 392 on chests and explorables alone not counting repeatable solo content, weekly missions (dreams, RNG) map rewards and so on.
thats the honeymoon phase. after that it becomes infinitely worse. weapons in this game are highly dependent on duplicates (or ascensions) to increase power. Without ascensions your weapon is performing at 50% capacity which the player needs to adjust to, either by skill, or luck in critical hits or getting more copies.
You see for solo/overworld/dungeon content you can be casual about it and not think about power too much. But as i said this game is not a casual game. Once you get everything on the map and empty out its resources the only way to go up is to do repeatable instances such as wormhole and bygone phantasm. Bygone phantasm is an "endgame" dungeon where you get rewards every 2 levels then 3 levels and you meet bosses every 5 levels. the higher you go the harder it gets and the max level is 600. This is the prime way to get gear upgrade materials which you can only get weekly and i will say it now there will always be a stopping point due to not meeting the dps requirement.
as i said earlier if luck doesnt shine on you and you get nothing but healer weapons or tank weapons then your stopping point is low. so if youre an F2P you will need to get extremely lucky to get duplicates of your weapons off pity to increase the stopping point for more rewards. the less lucky you are the harder it gets so if youre not lucky in that department youll either have to spend, or search for other avenues to progress which brings us to:
In the first map (pre vera) you also get a ton of dark crystals from chests you open which is a currency you can spend to get any of the currencies. You can also get these from events, login, repeatable content and so on. This is the thing that you need to save to get alot of the red currency to roll on the limited banner and these weapons outshine the standard SSRs in buffs and passives that are really REALLY helpful. Yes there is powercreep and was more prevalent in the CN version but it was scaled down in global which makes it better due to the fact that you can skip banners if all youre looking for is synergy. You only need 1 or 2 of these limited banner weapons for synergy and buffs or to follow the current meta for max dps.
like i said earlier all the weapons in this game are highly reliant on duplicates and nothing is more guilty of that than the limited banner weapons. Having the limited weapon alone already gives you a 15% damage increase if paired with the same element. Ascensions will dial that up to 11. And since red currency is mostly from dark crystals which is a really really finite source then any mistakes on a banner will lead to you waiting for a year to correct it or live with that mistake.
Everything in this game has to be precisely done if you want to be a competitive player and RNG + precision donot fit at all. And i say competitive because every single aspect in this game has a leaderboard. From levelling to max at level cap day, to bygone phantasm floors, to achievements, to guild ranks etc and every group content has a giant DPS meter at the side of the UI AND a post run tally board to show you how much you performed vs everyone else. This is by design to goad everyone to pull for more and increase revenue like character A needs ascension 3 to be usable and character B needs only 1 which gives you a sense of control until you realize the rates vs the amount you can save per month.
a limited banner in this game runs for 20 days. you only get at a minimum 60-70 pulls per month. so you have to have saved alot from DAY1 (you would have 600 pulls by now if you did) to be even close to get the recommended ascensions for EACH character or skip everyone else. or be casual about it and dont care. So if you have gacha envy or a highly competitive person then youre gonna have to know everything and do everything precisely. If you dont do your research and fall for honeytrap limited characters (like cobalt B which is a fiasco) or spend your dark crystals somewhere else (like matrices) then you are hurting your progress. Which brings us to the next query which is:
MATRICES: accessories you put in your weapon to make them stronger
This is the ultimate trap. Both standard and limited matrices are really good but you dont really need it because alternative SR's exist which actually do better than most of the SSR variants. But not many people know that and this is the first mistake most people do which is to roll on this because of the scarcity of the currency needed:
gold currency:
red currency:
As you can see from the pic there are 4 variations, and each variation can be upgraded 3 times. there are 9 standard SSR matrices (gold currency) and the rate is 40 rolls per SSR and 80 for a store buy out for a copy. 2 and 4 pieces grants a unique buff and sometimes you need to do 2/2 mixes to get the best dps possible.
now imagine this: people who are impatient rolls on the standard matrice banner and get a desired SSR at pity (40). Thats good news. Now they roll again and hit pity(40) and they get a non desired SSR matrix and is unusable. Thats fine. you now have 80 currency which means you can buy the desired SSR which gives you 15% more damage (example) just to increase dps. thats 12000 dark crystals which you could have saved for 80 rolls on a limited weapon banner instead.
But heres where the evil part comes into play. as designed they have a promo which lowers the price of a standard 10 pull to 1050 dark crystals 3 times per day. the game is goading you with fomo to roll on it to test your patience. I have seen alot of friends who got disgruntled and demotivated due to the fact that you can LOSE on this by getting either an undesired SSR matrix or a matrix that is the same SLOT as their current one. Me personally i think theres no one else to blame but those players who made this mistake and its their fault. But analyzing the structure of their gacha system gives you a closer look on how this game has mastered the art of making you waste your resources for less returns and make you spend.
and its worse on the LIMITED matrice banner. like i said before everything needs to be precise. the balancing of this game is so bad but TCs and people who are math savvy can tell you that sometimes its better to get limited matrices instead of a limited weapons ascension because it will help you more than ascensions would and vice versa. if you dont do it precisely as what tcs would say you WILL see it in your dps. sometimes waifu > meta will even punish you and thats actually sad for a gacha game.
and now we have tackled the 2 major gacha mechanics in the game lets talk about whales. whales in general dont care. they will roll to max and have the best weapons and matrices possible. but even tof is messing that up due to the fact that they cant balance their game correctly in global. Its either a full on nerf or let massive powercreep seep in and ruin the game like the CN version. which makes whales doubt if its even worth to whale on a certain weapon. the moment you make a whale care is the moment your game gets less revenue. now you know why it had a downward trend maybe until this months banner which is the jack of all trades character. we will know on the next sales result.
GEAR: this is the only place i will make a comparison with genshin
Gear in this game has so much RNG in it it deserves to be its own gacha. if you think genshins artifact system was bad then this is infinitely worse to the point that they added new avenues for you to acquire gear because of how bad the first system was.
to be frank and concise about it this is why its bad:
so that means: you need to win the rng of getting it, then win the rng of getting at least 1 desired stat out of 10, win the rng of getting at least 3 upgrades on that desired stat, and win the rng to have a high roll on that desired stat. BARE MINIMUM.
people who hate genshins artifact system transfered to this game to be fed again another artifact system but worse. The reason as why this is worse is because of the delay in progression because of RNG drop and how entirely dependent your character is to these stats. you will have to sacrifice weapon levelling which also uses vitality to brute force doing dungeons and opening chests for the best usable piece of gear possible.
the only positive side of this is the devs probably realized how bad it is they added buying the gear directly (still random stats) and then at 2.0 added dungeons that segregate stats and give you a better chance to get your desired attack stat over the other lines and that item that blocks one stat line so you only need to worry about 3 lines.
this is the major progression blocker for 60% of the playerbase because most dont care enough and just put in random gear, or dont get lucky enough at getting good drops or getting good stat upgrades that theyll be farming this for a year and never get anything good. This is the true endgame which takes time to fully accomplish. understandable but take note that in other MMOs you can BUILD your own gear or farm for specific gear and stats without the need of vitality and eventually get a desired piece. Tof just copy pasted all the bad elements of genshins artifact system and made it a time wasting venture to make it seem like you have content to do.
boy oh boy this is where it gets spicy. as prophecised by alot of hardcore players, 2.0 was going to fix the game and make it more engaging and fix the story and game elements that were unsatisfactory during 1.0.
i loved exploring the 1.0 map because i was banking on dark crystals through chests to get red currency to roll on a limited banner. at 2.0, they removed obtaining dark crystals from chests and replaced them with another currency called old vera coin. (and added another currency called mira on chests you need to open with keys you get weekly)
you use these currencies to roll on, haha i cant stress this enough, GACHA machines with a full guaranteed buy out of every item in it. each buyout needs about 5-10k of each currency and theres 5 machines. each of them contains 80% trash (which has the highest rng chance) and 20% usable items like currency, 4 matrices and relic upgrades and once youve done the buyout youll have to wait for future patches for a refill. you can do a 90% buy out and get NOTHING but trash until the last.
But this is good right? it gives you incentive to complete a map and get additional rewards outside of map rewards by farming this currency per patch and weekly through the key chests and have a full buy out. right? but heres why its wrong.
The main reason people loved opening chests and exploring in 1.0 is it was a reliable way to get dark crystals which you can use to get red currency for limited banners. by removing that they basically cut off the supply to EVERYONE and diminished it to a trickle further tightening the ways people can save up for future characters. where as in 1.0, you get dark crystals from map chests (not key ones), events and promos and get red currency from events. now in 2.0 they basically made it impossible to save up to an adequate enough to get ascensions for future characters. Hotta and tencent are basically tightening their grip on every f2p player and light spender by making sure they wont have a surefire way of saving dark crystals and goad people to buy the BP or the monthly dark crystal card(100 dark crystals per day for 30 days).
for a game that has character creation as one of their strong points, they put almost all their costumes on gacha which takes 9000 dark crystals or 90 rolls on the gacha to fully get (unless youre lucky and get it before that). i dont really mind it since i dont like the costumes, but alot of people dont. its just massive whalebait and a honeypot for f2p and light spenders to further diminish their dark crystal savings. those people playing for fashion are disappointed and not only that, they also made sure that people who dont roll on it get screwed by power creeping mounts.
as of this writing there has been 1 free costume from 2.0 the rest are in the battle pass and gacha. the game trying to milk everyone dry.


is it a good game? in my personal opinion yes. is it a fun game? yes.
but is it a good gacha game? in my honest opinion no.
outside of this sub the game has been doing fairly well but it has already stagnated especially right now since the jack of all trades character has been released in global. the game has nothing more to offer but new characters that shift the meta even more making powercreep even more prevalent in their balanced state and maps that only a handful of people are excited about.
Aside from their marketing fiasco and shady actions this game would have gotten better success if released as an MMO like pso2:NGS with light gacha elements for weapons. Most of my friends came from PSO2 thinking it would scratch that itch of a new mmo that can actually deliver content unlike pso2 ngs who has been in content hell and has been milking players with ac costumes and dead events and releases. My friends whaled hard and we wanted this game to be good and better than what it is now but sadly it came to a point that i was alone and everyone but 5 people pushed on.
This game, even though it has massive problems could have been better but seeing how blatant they are at milking players without fixing major bugs and glitches this early on at 3 months after release just shows you how the future will look and its not a pretty sight.
MMOs and gachas dont mix well. MMOs exist to be grinded on. MMOs exist to have collaborative teamplay and getting through challenges and obstacles together as a team or as a guild and almost none of that is in this game. You cant grind because of vitality. you cant communicate well because of the mobile chat system that gives you a 7 second counter everytime you type something. You cant properly do bosses because theres no point because it needs vitality. you can only do 3 raids a week. there is no incentive to do group content after finishing vitality. theres no point.
youre trapped in the middle of it being a single player game as what most gachas are and content thats designed for mmos with none of the elements synching together. and its a shame since its a very beautiful game and probably the best action game outside of genshin i have played.
i went in with an mmo mindset and i stopped because it was getting nowhere. if you take a break youll get delayed on progression that will take weeks to recover so the fomo was real. so i just had to stop. and my real life problems caught on to me which paved the way to me selling off my account and never looking back. i love this game and i loved it to bits and its a shame they shot themselves at the foot with bad publicity, shady actions, trying to mash together alot of things hence losing its own identity and then milking players dry.
so my advice to people reading this, if youre curious, go try it yourself and see. it has alot to offer but it will NOT respect your time. but i honestly dont recommend it and honestly dont recommend anyone spend more money until they make this game at least a bit better.


combat: its good, its fun, its engaging but suffers from RNG on rolling the right kinds of weapons for personal progression as you meet difficulty spikes and artificial difficulty in the long run.
unpolished and buggy combat from your weapons being clunky and not working to the enemies having wonky ai and hitboxes.
exploration: beautiful. bleak in line with the story. but "as big as an ocean with the depth of a puddle". empty and soulless and no incentive other than gacha currency.
gacha: generous at the start with rolls. pity is small (80) and has a guarantee shortly after (120) but weapons are over reliant on ascensions goading you to spend more. no variety, which is the exact opposite of what a gacha should be. too many currencies, too many banners, so little ways to get them. gear is super gacha and whale bait/honeypot costume gachas exist. milking players dry.
you should know everything you have to do from the start as a player. who to roll, who to farm, what weapons and gear and element to concentrate on, what to spend limited currency on, or you will be severly punished
game should have been an MMO and not a gacha. as a long time player who has gotten far with what the game has to offer, try it but i dont recommend it. i wish it was better.
thanks for reading. this is the last TOF related post ill ever make.
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Honest Forex or any day trading course review

Hello everyone, I just made this community and would like your honest reviews of any courses you bought from either a you tuber, some discord user or were ever it is you bought the course from, I would just like for people to have a place to go before spending hundreds of dollars on some course a person claims to be greatly profitable but ends being completely over valued. Anyways Happy trading :)

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I need help with decor ideas!!! Paint or simply decor recommendations? Thank you. Purchased Italian Restaurnt with full bar. They do Karoke and live music daily

I need help with decor ideas!!! Paint or simply decor recommendations? Thank you. Purchased Italian Restaurnt with full bar. They do Karoke and live music daily submitted by Sea-Attitude1464 to restaurant [link] [comments]

Re clay bar & decon right before paint correction?

So let’s say I wash, decon, then clay my whole car but run out of daylight to do paint correction. If I do a normal 2 bucket wash the next weekend (it snowed so it’s pretty dirty again) do I need to clay bar and decon wash the whole car again before I do paint correction or is a normal wash enough to avoid adding new swirls? Thanks
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Forex Trendy Review

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AUDUSD Forex Options In Review AUDUSD Prem Quote Euro Style 2pmfix Options between 2022-12-02 and 2022-12-09 Model:Black Calendar:Business #CME #ADU #options #forex #AUD #USD Please visit https://www.commodityvol.com/permalink/permshort?pay=FHFHZjfQDI0OAChxde9J

AUDUSD Forex Options In Review AUDUSD Prem Quote Euro Style 2pmfix Options between 2022-12-02 and 2022-12-09 Model:Black Calendar:Business #CME #ADU #options #forex #AUD #USD Please visit https://www.commodityvol.com/permalink/permshort?pay=FHFHZjfQDI0OAChxde9J submitted by CommodityVol to u/CommodityVol [link] [comments]

This review a costumer left of the bar I work at

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My latest painting of Montreal's Bar B Barn. Acrylic 10 x 14". 2022 by ne.

My latest painting of Montreal's Bar B Barn. Acrylic 10 x 14 submitted by Deeart to montreal [link] [comments]

How are the customer reviews of the Binomo trading platform?

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The year in review: What ten months looks like when you paint reeeeal slow

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I visited Peru, and in random small town bar they had a painting of pikachu hitler

I visited Peru, and in random small town bar they had a painting of pikachu hitler submitted by GOpencyprep to pics [link] [comments]

CARA TRADING BINOMO DENGAN HAPE PBF Xtreme System for MetaTrader 4 Bull Bear Paint Bar Trading Strategy Binary Options BINOMO on the Weekend, Main Sebentar tapi Profit di Aset Forex OTC! Paint Bar Forex (PBF Xtreme System) Preview binomo binary - YouTube 6 Forex Trading Lessons Learned After 10 Years of Failure ... BİNOMO GERÇEK HESAPTA YAPTIĞIM TRADE VE SONUÇLARI Olymp Trade  fixed time trading  Forex Trading  Review

Торговая Система Forex Скачать Трейдеры ищут где торговые системы форекс скачать бесплатно и не . Мы предлагаем начать с первой бесплатн... Binomo bnomo Việt Nam là blog chia sẻ kinh nhiệm cũng như chiến thuật giao dịch Binomo để đạt lợi nhuận cao nhất trong năm 2019. In 1897, the year before Victor Bonomo was born, his father started making candy in Coney Island to supply concessions at the amusement park Get appointment information and hours of operation for Gabriella Bonomo, practicing Internal ... Sep 6, 2017 - Explore Trade Seven's board "Forex Trading Systems, No Repainting" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Forex trading system, Repainting, System. Oct 7, 2019 - The idea of trading Forex is pretty daunting for some. It's an attractive venture to get in to, but if you don't know the ins and outs, you could find yourself taking some unnecessary risks. While the possible benefits or trading Fore Обзоры Forex Обзор: мировые рынки опасаются жесткости ФРС США · Дмитрий Лемаев (точность %). На мировых фондовых рынках в понедельник 8 ... Nov 12, 2019 - Paint Bar forex system is a trend momentum strategy based on 9 indicators: PBF 2 EMA color fast 49 period , slow 89 period (The Xtreme 2EMAs are used not only for showing the trend. Most importantly, they are used as dynamic support: Look at any time frame, the price often pulls back to the EMAs and bounces in a trending market. Cerca nel più grande indice di testi integrali mai esistito. Biblioteca personale Kalau forex haram semua bank2 di malaysia juga haram..ingat tu.. apatah lagi bursa saham. Carlos Waller apakah option termasuk judi views Baca lebih lanjut. Perhaps inevitably, the weird originality gets harder to binary as new aspirants try to replicate what binary already popular. Download our special Forex Sentiment Indicator for free right now! MORE. THE BEST MACD INDICATOR (download for free) The only MACD indicator optimized to provide strong and high probability trading signals. In contrast with the usual MACD indicator, our MACD indicator is able to extremely effectively recognize when there is the right time to open orders, or if you shouldn't open any orders at ... Review Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 71% of retail investor accounts lose money

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How to Prepare for the Future and Avoid Being Caught the Crash - Robert Kiyosaki & George Gammon - Duration: 42:38. The Rich Dad Channel 206,126 views. New Join grup trabar gratis gw, syarat nya harus daftar pakai link gw: bit.ly/binomofakar Atau WA: 0821-6503-1232 Dan ikuti workshop berbayar gw!!! »Link Registrasi BINOMO https://bit.ly/2XJLYbu Halo Trader, pada video ini gua mau berbagi strategi trading Binomo pada mata uang OTC yang hanya ada di Akhir Pekan. Gua disini pake Indikator MACD. The new Paint Bar Forex Xtreme System for MetaTrader 4. Binomo Trade 2019 - https://2url.page.link/binomo Binomo Indonesia – Apakah dapat dipercaya atau Penipuan? Binomo adalah broker binary options yang berfokus ... Bull Bear Paint Bar simply identifies when the 34 ema is above or below the 89 ema. Very easy way to trade on the dominant side of price action. Very easy way to trade on the dominant side of ... Watch this video to discover 6 online Forex trading lessons I've learned after 10 years of failure, lessons you won't find in many trading education courses.... Forex trading , Olymp trade 100% working strategy , Binary option strategy , ... Earn money online , Olymp trade me paise kaise jama kare, Binomo deposit process minimum 250 rupees 3$, Binomo 100% ... Paint bar Forex стратегия стоимостью 2000$ бесплатно лучшая торговая стратегия - Duration: 54 minutes. торговые сигналы ... Bir DEMO Açıp Videoda anlattıklarımı deneyimleyebilirsiniz. Binomo masaüstü http://bit.ly/2ysvng2 Binom cep http://bit.ly/2iPec28 #binomogerçekhesap #olymptr...